Sioux Falls Marathon and Half Marathon :: iTaB


Crossing the finish line is a feeling you will never forget, we hope your iTaB helps you to celebrate a very special Sioux Falls event. The iTab option enables you to have your name and finish time on the back of the Sioux Falls Marathon or Half Marathon medal forever. iTabs are mailed on an A5 carrier card about a week after the race. Participants may purchase the iTab card during the registration process or post-race.   


How to purchase the iTaB post-race: 

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click on "FIND YOUR RACE"
Step 3: Fill in "Running" and "Sioux Falls Marathon" in the boxes provided
Step 4: Click "Find my race"
Step 5: Choose the Sioux Falls Marathon Weekend 2016 box
Step 6: Enter your Name and Finish Time