Sioux Falls Marathon and Half Marathon :: Monthly coaching tip from 605 Running Company

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605 Running Company Coaching tip

To kick off the coaching tips segment we will begin with the topic of training programs. When looking to train for any event in the Sioux Falls Marathon Weekend spectrum (5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon) the tip for the this month is to find the training program that works for you. There are numerous plans for any given distance; the information available can be overwhelming. Before choosing a program you will want to consider your lifestyle and the amount of time you are willing to dedicate. Additionally, you will want to consider your purpose for the race you are selecting.

For example: are you looking to run your first race, looking to use the race as a training run, or are you wanting to make a personal best and have this weekend be your “A” race?  

Finally, keep in mind when selecting your training program you will want to allow for flexibility. Programs should be a guiding force but should never be set in stone. There are simply too many variables that can occur during the training cycle that may impact your ability to run. Once you select a program be ready to commit yourself to the training so that you can feel physically and mentally prepared come race day! - Happy Running! Coach Jacqui

About coach Jacqui:

Jacqui Meadors works as a private coach for 605 Running Company.  She also serves as a Sioux Falls Women Run Training Team coach and as the SFWR Executive Director.  Before joining 605 Running Company, Jacqui was a Lincoln High School Cross Country Coach in the Sioux Falls Public School District; she also taught Mathematics.

Jacqui is married and has three young daughters.  She enjoys spending time coaching, running, swimming, traveling, and most recently, working on interior design.  She has run several race distances from 5K to marathon – her favorite being the New York City Marathon.

Jacqui is available for private coaching and can be reached at