Sioux Falls Marathon and Half Marathon :: Volunteer

Sioux Falls Marathon Volunteer Opportunities


We can't thank you enough for being interested in volunteering at the Sioux Falls Marathon! Our routes cover over 30 miles of this beautiful city and our amazing volunteers are out on every part of the routes! Without you, this event wouldn't be possible!


Have a group of 10 or more? Click here to check out our new volunteer program to see if your group qualifies for a donation!


Interested in Volunteering?

To show interest, please fill-out the brief questionnaire below and someone will get in contact with you soon to discuss more details and answer any of your questions! By filling out the questionnaire, you aren't committing to volunteer yet.


 Route Support
 Bag Drop - Start
 Bag Drop - Finish
 Finish Line
 Food Tent
 Packet Pick-up
 Water Stop
 Medical Team

Volunteer Job Descriptions


Saturday, September 9


Packet Pick-up (9:45am-3:00pm OR 2:50pm-7:00pm)

  • Hand out race packets, goody bags, shirts, etc. to runners
  • Check runners into the race
  • Be a positive and welcoming first impression. Thank them for coming and wish them good luck!

Sunday, September 10


Route Support (time commitment dependent of location on route)

  • Keep traffic (pedestrian & vehicles) off of the route, communicate with them that a race is in progress. Be kind and courteous!
  • Cheer on participants as they run by. Make a funny sign, wear a costume, bring some musics, HAVE FUN! 
  • Communicate any medical issues to medical personnel
  • A great way for a group of friends/employees to get together and work as a team!

Finish Line (7:50am-12:45pm)

  • Hand out finisher medals
  • Congratulate runners on a job well done
  • Direct them to the food/drinks
  • Assist runners as needed

Food Tent (7:50am-12:45pm)

  • Provide food and drinks to runners
  • Keep food tent organized
  • Keep area clear of spectators
  • Congratulate the runners on a job well done!

Bag Drop - Start (5:00am-8:00am)

  • Organize bags left by runners according to bib number.
  • Inform runners that they will be able to pick up their bags at the same location after the race

Bag Drop - Finish (7:55am - 12:45pm)

  • Return bags to runners
  • Assist them as needed
  • Thank runners for their participation and congratulate them!