Sioux Falls Marathon and Half Marathon :: Runner Reviews

Runners' Reviews of the 2016 Marathon


How does the Sioux Falls Marathon compare to others?


"I'm a "50-stater" so we attend a lot of small and medium size marathon events around the country. Comparatively to others, I'd give the SF marathon 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5. Nice course design, nice amenities, good value for the cost."


"I run about 6-8 halfs a year and it is very well organized. Exceptional volunteers and course support!"


"The Sioux Falls Marathon is a solid race. I've only done the half (2x) and the half relay (2x), but I've never had the concerns that I have with other races. I always know there will be adequate water stops and safe road crossings, both of which are chief complaints of other races."


What is the course like?

"The entertainment along the course was unexpected and very cool. Great design on everything. Course was both challenging and exciting. Excellent community support!"

"Love LOVE Loved this entire course and the people on it.  It was through the beautiful city and running over the falls was my favorite part.  I loved it and will run it every year here on out! Even told others to run it."


"The course was beautiful. I liked finishing in the arena because of the crowd cheering you on that last stretch. The crowds along the course were very encouraging!"


Of 733 respondents, 94% of runners agreed or strongly agreed that the course was scenic.

Of 733 respondents, 91% of runners rated the course as well-marked and organized.


98% of runners rated the course as having an adequate number of water stops (733 respondents).


How is the race improving?

"This was the best course yet and it was my 12th year running Sioux Falls.  Loved how crowds could come watch easier. The volunteers were fantastic!"


"I ran the full last year and the half this year.  I loved the new start and finish.  I also saw a huge improvement in the Expo and packet pickup.  I also saw a lot more spectators and volunteers-amazing!"


"This is the third year in a row that I've run Sioux Falls, and it has improved by leaps and bounds over the past 3 years. Vastly improved course, much better shirts, fantastic new start/finish, better community support. All around a significantly improved event. Like where things are headed!"

What are the pre-race and post-race amenities like?


"Parked the car Saturday afternoon and didn't have to go back to it until after I'd showered and packed! This was my 238th marathon and I can tell you that is a rare luxury! Course is beautiful, too."


"This was one of the nicest races I have been at in terms of swag and medal."